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From noting the “fingerprints” on the toy-based characters of The Lego Movie (2014) to remarking upon Pixar’s advancements in replicating hair and clothing, popular criticism of computer animated movies are as apt to discuss advancements in realistic CGI as they are plot or character development.Throughout the history of feature animation, be it hand drawn, stop-motion, or computer generated, there has been an ongoing endeavor to capture reality.Hua Mulan, the young female protagonist of 1998’s “Mulan,” is shown tearing up North Carolina’s notorious House Bill 2.Jasmine, the female lead in 1992’s “Aladdin,” wears a hijab head cover and UNC Tar Heels light blue while holding a basketball.

The movements are calculated and photographed frame-by-frame, with the result being an illusion of depth by having several layers of artwork moving at different speeds – the further away from the camera, the slower the speed.

) From Colombia, then she moved to Canada Now she live in Harlem, right, and you could say I manage her Met her in '90, Jeru was the Damaja I wasn't understanding her, everyone was a fan of her That was confusing her, they was abusing her That wasn't new to her, bought me a Luger brah' Of course of course, we never had intercourse Of course of course, without her wouldn't have been a boss I would flip for my mama, got me getting them commas (get it? ) Swam in the ocean, I was dishin' piranhas That's my girl girl, yup, so give her some honor [HOOK] POPPA HAD A DREAM POPPA HAD A DREAM POPPA HAD A DREAM OOOOOOH, YES HE DIIIIIID [Cam'Ron: Verse 2] My pride and joy, called her butter When she bake a cake, I told her we'd be lovers She live with me right, I hide her from my mother See she wouldn't understand I'm supplyin the gutta, nope I let my baby hang outside with the brothers Come back, cake on the bed the size of the covers Shot 5 with a sucka, another 5 with a trucker Took a hit without paying, get a dime for my butter That's my holy my mama, second only to ganja But I did watch her, played Tony Montana Here's a quaalude, yep she'll be back For them pesos, yep she'll be crack Watch so bright, money so right I got 7 workers, she's Snow White And you know the steez, I'm at the ocean breeze Killa Cam hand to hand with Coca Leafs AND, and it's.........

[Cam'Ron: Verse 1] Yo she took me out my stinkin' aces, to the pinkest bracelet Basics to basics, no way you could think I'm racist Got a white girl, tell you that she's quite thorough Borough to borough, flew me through this white world (from what?

The first animated feature by Walt Disney Studios is no exception.

Released in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a technical marvel as much as it was an artistic and financial success.

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