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It's like I have this pathological need for and obsession with 100% disclosure (which is weird, since I'm usually a really private person). The bad news is, this person is likely to be the kind of guy who not only wants to know you inside and out, but who monitors your text messages, makes you poop with the door open, and has a deep, abiding desire to vacuum out your insides so he can wear your skin like a suit.

Because while it's absolutely normal, natural, and good to want honesty and intimacy in your relationships, there is such a thing as taking it too far. If there's something in his past—trauma or abuse—that he prefers not to talk about because it's painful to him, would you push, pry, and complain about not getting the gory details?

Dear Auntie Sparknotes, Is it weird to want to know everything about the person you love?

I know I'm not the only one, because my ex was the same way.

)● Cell phone logs or a cell phone bill showing suspicious calls made very early in the morning, very late in the evening on Valentine’s Day or Mistress Day. Infidelity )● ATM slips for cash withdrawals on or around Valentine’s Day that greatly exceed what he spent on you for Valentine’s Day.

(If your husband gave you flowers and took you out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, why did he need to withdraw 0 2 days before Valentine’s Day?

Intr-un colt al clasei tale sta scris :’’SFATURI ECOLOGICE ALE O. When I love someone, I want to know about everyone they've ever loved so I can love those people too for being a part of them, and I want to know the details, even if it makes me feel jealous or sad.I want to know if they think my butt looks fat and I want to tell them that their butt looks fat if it really does!The Most Widespread Online Dating Mistakes The world of online dating is quite mysterious and unpredictable.It has its own rules, the knowledge of which defines how successful your dating experience will prove to be.

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