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Because you have hidden the update in your own Timeline, the update will not appear in your friends’ news feeds once you make the information visible again.

Alan Sembera began writing for local newspapers in Texas and Louisiana.

I tried to reinstall spotify, log out of my account but nothing helped updating that album cover.

This issue occurs no matter what devicei I use to log in to spotify: phone, ipad, computer.

However just days after first using this new feature I changed my profile picture on facebook but my Discover Weekly cover stays just the same with the old photo on the cover even after weeks when the songs in the playlist have already changed.

This old profile picture shows me and a friend which I just recently got into a fight with - which is why I changed my facebook profile picture in the first place and would like to have this Discover Weekly-cover picture changed as well.


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If you’d rather keep some things low-key or don’t want to clutter your friends’ news feeds, you can prevent Facebook from sending the updates.Need-to-know basics include figuring out where your messages show up for others and determining who can see which parts of your Facebook activity.Facebook modifies its toolkit fairly often, but most core functions persist.The homepage News Feed is all about your friends and what they're doing; your profile page's Timeline/Wall content is all about you.That's one thing that tends to trip up newbie Facebook users--not understanding the differences between what gets displayed in each area.

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