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To thank you for contributing to the enhancement of our astrological database, we shall be glad to send you the astrological portrait (34 pages) of this celebrity.Celebrities born the same day: William Shakespeare, John Cena, Gigi Hadid, Silvana Mangano, Michael Moore, Shirley Temple, Lauri Ylnen, Jaime King, Roy Orbison, Vronique Poivre d'Arvor, Sergei Prokofiev, Jean-Dominique Bauby... Celebrities being the same height: Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, Julie Gayet, Marine Le Pen, Milla Jovovich, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Downey Jr., Jean-Luc Mlenchon, Bar Refaeli, Sophia Loren, Cher (entertainer), Michael Schumacher... Celebrities having the same aspect Moon conjunction Mars (orb 006'): Nicolas Sarkozy, Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Minogue, Bill Kaulitz, Ricky Martin, Saddam Hussein, Malala Yousafzai, Simone de Beauvoir, Ringo Starr, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Grgory Lemarchal, Tom Kaulitz... Celebrities having the same aspect Mars square Jupiter (orb 424'): Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Robbie Williams, Zayn Malik, Vincent van Gogh, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Henry VIII of England, Claudia Cardinale, Layne Staley, Diane Keaton, Marcel Proust... Astrology Data Base updated Saturday, 12 August 2017 at pm, CEST52,736 celebrities and events, out of which 22,810 entries with a known time of birth.Kanakaredes would spend the ensuing 2000's appearing frequently on TV, joining the cast of the police proceedural CSI: NY.Melina Eleni Kanakaredes Constantinides is an American actress.

En 1999, l'actrice obtient le rôle du docteur Sydney Hansen dans la série "Providence" ; Melina Kanakaredes gagne alors en notoriété.

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American actress of Greek descent who objected to a name-change, star of the hit TV series "Providence." The show premiered in January 1999, a family drama that gained a steadily increasingly popularity.

The daughter of an insurance salesman and a homemaker, Melina has two older sisters and the close-knit household speaks Greek as fluently as English.

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