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Gentry deals extensively with Ireneus and his famous statement, which statement is supposed by many to settle the date question once and for all.Anyone who seeks to understand the book of Revelation MUST deal with Gentry's Before Jerusalem Fell. Kenneth Gentry's exposition of Revelation - The Divorce of Israel: Introduction & Survey of Revelation in 22 mp3 messages. Gentry is known for his expertise in the postmillennial-preterist view of eschatology. He is the Executive Director of Good Birth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education. He has written several books on eschatology, including The Beast of Revelation; Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation; He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology; and The Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World.

There is also the a priori teaching of Scripture itself that all special revelation ended by 70.One cannot find a single really cogent argument in support of the earlier date. The arguments produced are based on late and unreliable testimonies, on the wholly imaginary idea that John did not yet know his Greek when he wrote the Apocalypse, and on a very questionable literal interpretation of certain passages . If there is a flaw in this book, and in preterism, it is the "Replacement Theology" and borderline (if not outright) Anti-Semitic overtures promoted by the preterist interpretation. Just what is it that the book of the Revelation reveals?

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