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”—she decided she had to “lose it to someone,” so why not with someone she would never have to see again? “Sometimes I just want to talk to a guy so bad.” So she downloaded the app and started swiping through the pictures of boys in her area. ”They arranged to rendezvous at a shopping mall in Los Angeles not far from the neighborhood where they lived. And if it turned out he was really some gross old man, I’d just run away.” But there he was, standing by his car, looking almost like his picture. Later she posted something on her Tumblr blog about the difficulty of finding love.

And yet, she hoped it would somehow be like the Lana Del Rey song. The guy she was supposed to meet that day—the guy from Tinder, the dating app kids were using to hook up—“I know, like, five guys who’ve done it; girls use it too, but they pretend like they don’t”—he was cute and had tattoos on his arms. She “hearted” his picture, and within a few minutes he had hearted hers, and then they were instantly texting.“Ur hot,” he wrote. WHEELING IN THE BITCHES“Gotta wheel the bitches in.

I'd moved in with my cousin for a little while during college and had loved the independence, but for my senior year I'd decided to move back home to save a little bit of money.

My brother had just turned 18 and was taking full advantage of living at home with no bills to pay.

Sweat dripped down my forehead from the heat of the summer and I wiped it away, remembering the days when I would take my clothes off when it was hot and clean the house totally naked, and then jump straight in the shower when I was finished to wash the sweat off. She thinks she knows everything about everything and I HATE it. for my sister and fight for her but today she showed me she doesnt give a **** about me at all. I have allot of stories to share, and this is still happening. she constantly feels like she is superior to everyone around her because she got good grades in high school even though she dropped out of college and can't hold a job for more than a week and lives off our parents lies to them and treats everyone like garbage because her life... I've moved past the burning hate emotion with the sibs. She's Face Time her bf and showing my sleeping face! She's always saying stuff like 'why can't you be like my friend's sister', but to be honest I just act normal most of the time, but when she does those things I start to behave negatively in order to... She has bullied me since I got into a grammar school last September. Everything and i mean everything is about her, seriously for the last 15 years she has been rapped up in one huge pitty bag...Gotta wheel the bitches in,” said the teenage boy on a city bus in New York. There are so many apps and shit that just, like, hand you the girls.They don’t even know that’s what they’re doing, but really they’re just giving teenagers ways to have sex.”SEX, LIES, AND SOCIAL MEDIAIf you’re between 8 and 18, you spend more than 11 hours a day plugged into an electronic device.

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