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Note: Beginning in version 7.5 SP1, this issue no longer occurs with a default server configuration.

After deploying a model from Design Tool and clicking the Test button, or clicking a Test link in the web services list, Web Services Explorer is opened (which is a client to test the embedded web service).

The provided user account must have access to that server.

The default value for this parameter is the user account of the current context.

Search for Exception to find any errors in the file.

If the file does not exist, it indicates that there is a problem locating or executing the JVM.

Specifies the name of the computer on which the Service Manager SDK Service is running. The user account that is defined in the Credential parameter must have access rights to the specified computer.

The Import-SCSMManagement Pack cmdlet imports management packs.

VHI Web Services Explorer uses the Eclipse XSD parser to parse the elements, thus producing the XSD warning messages.The Service Manager server into which the management pack is being imported will try to validate the management pack before importing it.If the management pack contains XML code that is not valid, the management pack will not be imported, and an error will be returned.An unsealed management pack is an file that can be modified, and a sealed management pack is an file that cannot be modified.Sample management packs can be found in [Service Manager installation folder]\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010\.

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