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But today there is no parachute drop, fire truck, limousine, or helicopter. “How cool is it when you’re loved so much that kids leave Santa to come say hi to you? Cosmo’s role and personality began to form as Gallego worked the crowds at home games.

Cosmo keeps it simple, hoisting the B flag (the Y and U follow close behind) and leading the football team from a dark portal onto the sunlit stadium turf. “I think Cosmo brought this whole excitement into football and basketball,” says his wife, Myrtle Borup Gallego (’61), “And because of my husband’s personality, he was a good one to introduce it because he was just fun-loving and people loved him.” She adds, “My mother and dad didn’t know who he was, but he would go up at all the basketball games and flirt with her and so forth.”Cosmo’s antics went skyward the second year when he harnessed himself to a bungee cord in the Smith Fieldhouse (see photo on p. “During a basketball game halftime, the first thing the spectators saw was Cosmo dropping from the catwalk to the gym floor and bouncing up and down a few times,” says Clive D. “Then some assistants pulled me to different parts of the court and ‘shot’ me out over various sections of students.”By year three Cosmo was a cat in demand. Ray Pope (Cosmo 1955–56) and the first female Cosmo, Peggy Herron Mortensen (Cosmo 1955–56), should share the role.

Audubon (naturalist) Michael Bay (director) Tallulah Bankhead (actress) Layne Beachley (surfer) Lynda Bellingham (actress) Ingrid Bergman (actress) Andy Berlin (co-founder of ad agency Berlin Camerson & Partners) James Best (actor) Les Brown (motivational speaker) Surya Bonaly (professional skater) Richard Burton (actor) Senator Robert Byrd Augustus Caesar (emporer of Rome) Truman Capote (author) Harry Caray (baseball broadcaster) Peter Carruthers (professional skater) Kitty Carruthers (professional skater) Kristin Chenoweth (actress) Eric Clapton (singer) President Bill Clinton Lynette Cole (Miss USA 2000) Nat King Cole (singer) Gary Coleman (actor) Daunte Culpepper (professional football) Rachel Crow (X Factor contestant) Faith Daniels (TV news personality) Ted Danson (actor, adopted child and adoptive father) Tommy Davidson (comedian) Toby Dawson (professional skier) Eric Dickerson (professional football) Bo Diddley (musician) Carl Theodore Dreyer (filmmaker) Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle) Clarissa Pinkola Estes (poet) President Gerald Ford Jamie Foxx (singer, actor) Scott Fujita (professional football) Tim Green (professional football) Jonathon Gilbert (actor) Melissa Gilbert (actress) Newt Gingrich (politician) Faith Hill (singer) Scott Hamilton (professional skater) John Hancock (U. Founding Father) Debbie Harry (singer) Reese Hoffa (Olympic shot putter) Jesse Jackson (politician)Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) Eartha Kitt (singer, actress) Matthew Laborteaux (actor) Patrick Laborteaux (actor) John Lennon (singer) Representative Jim Lightfoot Allan "ap" Pineda Lindo, jr.

(singer, member of Black Eyed Peas) Art Linkletter (TV personality) Ray Liotta (actor) Charlotte Lopez (actress and Miss Teen USA 1993) Greg Louganis (Olympic Gold Medal Diver) Malcolm X (human rights activist) Lee Majors (actor) Nelson Mandela (human rights activist) Nimmy March (actress) James Mac Arthur (actor) Darryl "D. C." Mc Daniels (musician) Frances Mc Dormand (actress) Tim Mc Graw (singer) Sarah Mc Lachlan (singer) James Michener (author) Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza, owner of Detroit Tigers) Lucy Maud Montgomery (author) Marilyn Monroe (actress) Moses (biblical leader) Mother Teresa (humanitarian) Alonzo Mourning (professional basketball) Dan O' Brien (Olympic gold medalist, decathalon) Hugh O' Connor (actor) Michael Oher (professional football, story inspired The Blind Side) Jim Palmer (professional baseball) Aaron Parchem (Olympic figure skater) Lorraine Pascale (model, author and chef) Dana Plato (actress) Edgar Allen Poe (author) Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi (TV personality) Priscilla Presley (actress) Michael Reagan (President Reagan's son) First Lady Nancy Reagan Nicole Richie (TV personality) Wilson Riles (educator) First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Victoria Rowell (actress) Buffy Sainte-Marie (singer) Paull Shin (state senator) Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's, children's advocate) Leo Tolstoy (author) Dr.

Deep in the heart of La Vell Edwards Stadium, a metal door creaks and a thin line of light widens into a bright rectangle on the gray concrete.

The shape remains only for an instant, as it is filled, bottom to top, with a familiar feline outline.

Visit our blog to share your thoughts about your favorite celebrity who has been adopted or involved in adoption or view our Famous Adoptees Infographic. Whether these people were already famous when adoption touched their lives or entered the limelight afterward, they've all done something notable with their lives.

So have a look at following list of celebrity birth parents, adopted children and adoptive parents: “Having been adopted, I really have a strong sense- a necessity almost- for stability, a foundation where my family is concerned. I want to be my kids.” “We must work tirelessly to make sure that every boy and girl in America who is up for adoption has a family waiting to reach him or her.

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If you see someone without kids, do not ask them why they don’t have children, why they don’t just adopt, or if they are pregnant. Be quiet and pass the dip."Kate Adie (journalist) Edward Albee (playwright) Maya Angelou (poet and author) John J.And they are brothers and sisters, and they have fun and they squabble and they fight, just like any other family.And it makes me so proud.” "There is no limit to the amount of attention, kindness and warmth our families and friends - the “aunties” and “uncles” - shower on our daughter.She moved to Los Angles and made her first acting role in the television shows named Jeremiah. Edit In 2006, she was nominated in Leo Awards for Best Guest Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series and Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series. Edit In 2006, she was nominated in Scream Awards for Breakout Performance.She was also nominated in this award in 2008 for Best Science Fiction Actress.

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